ELAINE QUEHL, Quilt Artist, Teacher, Dyer, Designer

Sunday, April 2, 2017

In the Studio and the Dyeing Dungeon

Remember this? Uh huh, I have finally finished quilting it. Hurdle overcome! It is also faced, and finished and waiting for our next Crossing Oceans Show on the theme of Journeys. It took a lot of patience to stitch around all those little spores, in various values of grey. I've decided to call the piece Sporogenesis. It was inspired by the ferns that grow in the old growth forests of the west coast of Canada. Ferns regenerate and reproduce via spores, that are carried on the currents of wind, streams, and lakes.

I'm making major progress in my yearly dye-fest! Trying to dye all this fabric is not nearly as onerous when I'm not trying to do it while travelling! It's happening at a more leisurely pace this year. 20 or 30 meters at a time. I'm keeping on top of the ironing too.

As you can see, there are times when I can barely find my studio tables.

The bins are getting filled up with hosta kits

and poppy kits

and soon peony kits.

I'm aiming to dye enough to see me through all the teaching trips this year. I know that is a lot and I may be over-estimating, but I can always save some for next year and/or sell some from my website if I overestimate too much.

If you are in Ottawa, or close by, this coming Friday and Saturday the Out of the Box Annual Fibre Fling takes place at the Kitchissippi United Church. You can see more information on the publicity card below, or visit www.out-of-the-box.org.  Until a few years ago I was a long-time member of this group. I got my feet wet exhibiting in group shows with them, learned and was inspired by them, and became a dyer after an inspiring talk by member Hilary Perreault. A few of us alumni have been invited to exhibit a mini-retrospective of our work.