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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dye Happy 5 - Painting With Thickened Dyes

Today was session 5 of my Dye Happy class, Painting with Thickened Dyes. I found it to be a very relaxing class as almost everyone spent the afternoon painting. Once students got their design to fabric, they mixed up their thickened dyes (using Print Paste from Prochemical Dyes)and got to working painting. Fabric was soaked in soda ash solution ahead of time and line dried. The soda ash raises the pH and causes the dye molecules to bond with the cellulose molecules in the cotton. Here are just a few of the designs in progress.

Susan's spiral design:
Dorothy's bird:
David's boat:
Kirsten's poppy:
Tatiana's tulips:
Sylvia gives the crotons a try:

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