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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Too Much Fabric, Part 2

A friend wrote this morning and told me she was killing herself laughing about my "rob Peter to pay Paul" method of organization! She then reminded me that there was an important stash of fabric missing from my photos, and that would be my fabric store! Well the truth is that my fabric store doesn't fit in my house anymore so it resides in the trunk of my car, where it is always with me when I go on the road. People all over Ontario shop from my trunk!

Then I remembered the two bins of fabric under the guest bed. These are my older hand-dyes, from the days when I used a variety of cotton fabrics. I use these as backings, for samples, and sometimes take some of them to my Art Quilt Series class in case there is a colour students need for their design exercises.

This reminds me that there is also a bin of these fabrics in the back seat of my car because I couldn't bear to bring it back in the house and mess up all the organization I've accomplished.

And there is the drawer in the guest bedroom desk that contains pieces that didn't fit other drawers because they contained many colours, as well as some of the better older pieces. Sheesh. The chest I posted yesterday that contains the hand-dyed fabrics organized by colour is also in the guest bedroom. I really wish there were room in my studio, but that would mean moving the three large bookcases out, and I can't even bear the thought now.

I put the new pantry together today, and determined that if I put all the bins of green hosta fabric inside, there won't be enough room for the thread. So one bin is sitting on top of the pantry. The thread fits into the pantry (multi-coloured containers that used to be drawers in my old rickety thread stand). My two stacks of hand-dyes in meter sized pieces also fit. Things are looking up.

Ok, I put the backing sheet on backwards (brown side showing inside the pantry, white side on back. I'm glad it has doors because I'm not taking all those little finishing nails out!

Let's not talk about the bin of colourwash fabrics under the master bed. I can't bear to get rid of them, even though I have no plans to do colourwash again. Maybe by next week I'll actually get to do some creative work in this organized studio!

Oh, and did you know the term "master" bedroom has been changed to "main" bedroom? Someone recently corrected me as "master" has connotations of the male being the master of the house. I like this new language :-))

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  1. HIlarious! Like you, I have 'studio creep' with my silk painting paraphernalia invading every part of the house, but mine aren't nearly as organized as yours! Your colorful boxes of fabric are artworks in themselves.


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