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Friday, April 19, 2013

Student Work

From time to time I have the pleasure of sharing the work that students make in my classes. Sometimes I take pictures in class, but often they send me photos after class.  I'm delighted to share these photos today.

Lois took my two-day "In Full Bloom" class at Dragonfly Fabrics here in Ottawa and designed this rose quilt from one of my photographs. Beautiful. It still needs to be cut away from the muslin and placed on a flattering background.

Jenny took my "Collage Tree" class at the Lively Heritage Arts Guild, just outside Sudbury, Ontario last Fall. She created her own tree rather than working from one of my patterns. This normally only happens in my two-day "Collage Tree" class where students design their own tree. I like that it is different from mine :-)

Sherry-Lynn was in the same class as Jenny and used my "Branching Out" pattern. Instead of adding appliqued leaves as I did, she quilted the suggestion of leaves into her background.

Ghyslaine took my "Collage Tree" class at Dragonfly Fabrics here in Ottawa and just completed her tree. She dyed her own fabric for the background and leaves.

Sharon took my "In full Bloom" class in St. John's, Newfoundland last winter, and recently sent a picture of her completed poppy quilt. I hope you can see her beautiful free-motion stitching by clicking on the photo to bring up a larger version.

Claudette took my "In Full Bloom" class in Toronto two years ago at the York-Heritage Quilt Guild. A very fresh approach to the poppy using pinks.

Anne-Marie completed this wonky-pieced quilt in my "Liberated Strip Piecing" class at the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild.  Stunning colour and also some lovely free-motion quilting.

Albertina always adds her own creative twist to things, as she did in this quilt called "Echo". It was started in my "Liberated Radial Piecing" class at the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild.

I taught Part 4 of my "Uncommon & Unforgettable Threads" class at Dragonfly Fabrics in Ottawa on last a week ago. Judith is nearing completion of her thread sketch. We discussed some ways she could add more depth to the climbing vine with the addition of both darker and lighter threads.

Ruth completed two thread paintings since the last class.  Love that little bottlefly, which is thread-painted on organza and water-soluble stabilizer in a hoop.

Ruth's orange is a stand-alone thread applique, painted on fabric and two layers of regular stabilizer in a hoop. Good enough to eat!


  1. I see that you were in NS last year. My son lives in Lunenburg and I met Laurie Swimmi a couple summers ago.
    I wonder if you have any plans to teach in NB? I'd love to take one of your classes!
    The student work looks wonderful!

  2. Hi Holly,

    Yes, I was in Nova Scotia to teach in 2011, and again a few weeks ago. Laurie Swim is a national treasure and a huge inspiration!

    I'd love to teach in New Brunswick, but no plans at the moment. No one has invited me yet. Perhaps one day ... it is such a beautiful province and I haven't been there in a long while.

    Thanks for dropping in!

    Warm Regards,


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