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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simply Hostas

A couple of weeks before heading off to Quilt Canada, I got an email from my friend Linda Stephen, who is the Program and Workshop Coordinator for the Lakeshore Quilt Guild in Port Hope. I met Linda when I was teaching and lecturing for her guild earlier this year. She asked if I would like to see a hosta garden near Cobourg, Ontario. Sure, says I, and let's do it when I am passing through to get to Quilt Canada. 

We were welcomed into Giboshihill Hostas and given a tour of the gardens by owners Kevin and Olga Elchuk. You will meet them later in this post. In the mean time, enjoy the light and shadow, the movement, curves and lines. 

On the left is my friend Linda, who is a fantastic cook and brought me some of her wonderful lavender shortbread. A big thank you to Olga and Kevin Elchuk, on the right, for welcoming us into their stunning garden and to Linda for arranging it!

It seems that Kevin and Olga have a few pets, including a chipmunk named "Fruitloops", who climbed Kevin's leg several times for a peanut. She even tried climbing my leg once too.

I also met their two bengal cats.

I was really pleased to find that Linda had finished her quilt from my workshop. It has a curved background from the "Free Form Curves" class, and appliqued tulips from the "Liberated Applique" class.

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