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Friday, October 24, 2014

Saskatchewan: People, Flora and Fauna

Meet Dorothy, my wonderful billet while I taught in the city of Saskatoon. Dorothy is a retired veterinary pathologist, who also has a love of gardens and art quilts, so we had much to share. Dorothy's husband Stuart is also a great cook and so I had nutritious dinners every day.

We had our own "welcoming committee" when we got home from class each night. This is Rufus on the left and Remus on the right.

Pixie welcomed us too in her own shy and coy way.

Remus loves to sit on the roof outside the kitchen window and watch people cook. Very handsome fellow, isn't he?

The paper birch trees looked to be peaking upon my arrival. This photo is taken in late afternoon.

This is what they looked like in morning light. Almost like shimmering coins.

After a few days a lot of the leaves fell off and I noticed this wonderful textured bark.

A walk around Dorothy's garden revealed a lot of interesting flora. This clematis seed pod was particularly intriguing and I took many photos.

I also came home with a seedling of a Mountain Ash tree. This is what the leaves and berries look like up close. Good thing I wasn't crossing national borders with a tree in my carry on!!

In my next post I will share photos of the classes I taught and student work.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a great time was had by all -as usual . It also sounds like your billet was a perfect match for you. Lovely,!


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