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Monday, April 13, 2015

Dye Happy, Session 5

This blog post brings to you photos from Friday's session (and the last of 5 days) of my "Dye Happy" class at Wabi Sabi.

Is this work by Barb not drop dead gorgeous? I used to teach stitch resist dyeing, but stopped because I was never happy with mine. Sylvia, who took my class on a previous occasion, gave a lesson to Barb, and look at what she turned out on her first try! Part of the secret is that it turns out far better in an immersion dye bath than a low-water immersion bath. I am going to give it another try when I have time (haha ... when is that?)

Here are some soy wax batik results.




Everyone seems to love parfaits, and fits them in around other subjects. These are Nancy's.
Parfaits by Chris:

Marion overdyed her folded and clamped piece and is much happier to have covered up the white spots.

The masked woman is Barb!

The topic this day was Painting With Thickened Dyes. You can see a couple of pieces in progress here. This one by Heather.

This one by Nancy.

Meanwhile, I have my own firestorm happening in the dyepots. Trying to up my offerings for my upcoming three days of sales at the Festival of Quilts at the Ottawa Valley Quilt Guild's show on Mothers Day Weekend. 

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