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Friday, November 20, 2015

Eastern Ontario Visits

It's been a busy week here, but I've been playing with an idea based on a photo I took of ferns on Vancouver Island. I really love these Touch markers by ShinHan Art, especially the grey set that runs from palest grey up to black. Really fun for working with value.

On Monday evening I travelled to Cornwall, Ontario, to give a lecture/trunk show for the Cornwall Quilters Guild. Wow, I saw so many familiar faces  many women I've met again and again over the years at various events in Eastern Ontario. The President, Chris, on left, me in centre, and Program Coordinator, Sharon. on the right.

I did talk a little bit about the importance of value (lights, mediums and darks) in my lecture, and this concept was well demonstrated by the displayed blocks from the guild's block challenge that members had participated in.

On Tuesday afternoon I headed off to Napanee, Ontario, where I gave a lecture in the evening for the Heritage Quilters Guild of Napanee. The next morning we gathered for a workshop on Hosta Leaves. I was really glad I'd dyed some green fabric last week.

Janet and Carol were among the first finished.

This student decided to make a bright purple and green hosta leaf. Why not? It is all about the lines. I wrote down the student's name and now cannot find the slip of paper I wrote it on! 

 Pamela, the Workshop and Program Coordinator.
 Carol's finished leaves.

Here's the finished purple and green hosta leaves. Now the decision is about whether to add a purple stem or a green one?

That concludes my speaking and teaching commitments for 2015. I shall be having more time in the studio coming up.

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  1. I love seeing what your students create. Enjoy your time in the studio.


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