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Friday, June 7, 2019

A Week in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

We are home from Nova Scotia! Well we've been home since Saturday night, but there was a lot of unpacking to do, and I needed to rest. So here I am doing my blog post. We drove to Nova Scotia and back from Ontario, giving ourselves ample time and overnight stops. 

My time with the Mahone Bay Quilters' Guild began with an afternoon lecture and tea. What a cool idea! If you know me at all, one of my favorite things in life is afternoon tea and the treats and finery that go with it. OK, so yes I am on a restricted diet for medical reasons right now so couldn't eat most of these, but that is a story for another day. They sure were pretty.

Every year this guild has a special event with what they call an "Extraordinary Quilter". I was honoured to be their 19th! Heather Sanft, whose family owns and runs Lunenburg County Winery even gifted me with a bottle of blueberry wine with my own Elaine Quehl label for the event!

It rained a lot in Nova Scotia, so I spent a lot of time in the cottage when I wasn't teaching. My husband was fortunate to do some hiking and viewing of beautiful places. The magnolias were in full bloom!

On Days 2 and 3 I gave a two-day "In Full Bloom" workshop. There were 20 students, and approximately 75% of them decided to design their own quilt, with about 25% using my patterns. Here the gang gathers round to watch my demo.

And some random shots I found on my camera. Letty:






Nice to see Judy Cooper again. I first met her when she was living in Newfoundland. Do visit her blog to see her art work. She also has a wonderful collection of photos of teapots and pincushions from the afternoon tea that she organized.

I was gifted with one to take home.

Can you believe this artist was in my class? Laurie Swim! One of my inspirations!


My Facebook friend Mary Elizabeth


Pam, with Debbie and Alicia in the background:

Last but not least, the amazing Heather Sanft, who organized these workshops! Heather has many talents, including being a Master basket maker.

I think this basket she finished one morning before class, and gifted to me, is going to be the perfect basket for my current knitting project. Thank you Heather!

Here's the full group on our last day.

After the two day In Full Bloom class, I taught a one day Hosta Leaves workshop. Sadly by the time I thought to get a group photo, a few students had left. Stay tuned for my next blog post about teaching on Cape Breton Island.


  1. An afternoon tea to honor a special quilter was just delightful. I'm sure you charmed these obviously talented quilters with your teaching, and they seem to be making great progress. It is so neat that Laurie Swim was in your class.

    1. They charmed me just as much Martha Ginn. Nova Scotians are some of the friendliest and kindest people. Ya, I thought it was neat about Laurie too!!

  2. Such lucky ladies! It never seems to work out for me to take a class. I would have loved this one. And those little sandwiches and sweets, love those.
    You must have had a great time.

    1. It was great to visit this group again Holly. Wish you could have joined us.

  3. It was a treat to be part of your two classes in Mahone Bay - and fun to meet you 'IRL' after our exchanges on Facebook. My hosta quilt is ready for binding and my flower in bloom is well on the way to completion. Stay well. Hope to see you down in our neck of the woods soon. In the meantime, see you on Facebook.

  4. The feeling is mutual Mary Elizabeth. So lovely to meet you, and I can't wait to see your completed pieces!


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