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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Burlington Fibre Arts Group at the Burlington Arts Centre

I returned tonight from a week long teaching trip (5 days of classes, two days of travel). I taught three classes at Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph and two days of classes for the Burlington Fibre Arts Guild in Burlington.

The Burlington Fibre Arts Guild is a small group of fibre artists who are members of, and meet regularly at, the Burlington Arts Centre in the city of Burlington, Ontario. Burlington is part of the Greater Toronto Area, and is located on the western end of Lake Ontario.
I was invited to teach my two-day "In Full Bloom" class. Students bring their own photo and create their own pattern. You can see the group hard at work here.
During my visit I was billetted at the lovely home of Jacqueline Harris and her husband Ed.
By the end of the second day there were a few pieces well underway, and some nearing completion. The flowers are built on muslin, allowing flexibility in possible backgrounds when finished.
These are Karen's daffodils.
The Burlington Arts Centre is a wonderful facility with galleries and display areas.
In the middle is a lovely greenhouse, with an inviting area to sit and relax.
The beautiful gift shop is packed with art in a variety of media.

I have three more workshops to deliver in the Ottawa area before Christmas, but teaching related travel doesn't begin again until January 23 when I head to Yellowknife. This week I have to get receipts and paperwork from the last several months organized and to my accountant. You'll be hearing from me more often for a while because I have some topics I want to talk about. Stay tuned!

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