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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The View from the Classroom

Today I taught my first workshop at the Quilt en Sud Patchwork and Textile Art Biennial. The subject for today was Collage Tree. I think you will agree that the view from the classroom is a rather pleasant one! The only improvement I can imagine would be a blue sky.

I had three wonderful translators today. Antoine (in centre) translated from English to French in the morning; Christine on the right did the same in the afternoon, while Marie Carmen, on left, translated French to Spanish. We are only about 20 km from the Spanish border here.

By the end of class students had a pretty good start on their trees, which are created on muslin so that they can later be appliqued to a suitable background.

Dunixe, who came from San Sebastian, Spain, almost fnished her tree trunk in class. We plan to visit San Sebastian next week when my vacation begins. 

Tomorrow I will be visiting some of the other exhibits that are a part of this Festival, and spending a few hours meeting visitors to my own exhibition. I will share photos of both in my next post.


  1. Enjoy your classes! Take lots of photos to share :)

  2. Elaine, thanks so much for your lesson. I like it a lot. When I arrived home, I began to finish the bole. I'll keep doing the next steps as soon as I have free time.
    I would like to go to your next lesson on Saturday, but I have a lot of work so I can't go.
    Yesterday, after the lesson, we visited visited your exhibition and we like it a lot. I love the colours and the work. I keep looking at your work because I think it's wonderful.

    See you


    1. Dunixe,
      It was a pleasure having you in class ... and you did a great job on your tree. Thank you for your positive comments about my show.


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