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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Velvet Wearable Art

Many of you know how much I love silver jewellery. So being in Santa Fe was a huge temptation for me. Despite a lot of browsing, however, I resisted more than previous trips to the Southwest. That would be partly because on my first day I splurged on this beautiful hand-painted velvet wrap by Chei Reckers. I'm sharing this because I want you to see Cheri's beautiful work, all hand-painted with dyes. I love the colours, and the fact that the size of the wrap is ample for an ample woman like me.

I also love the little bit of beading she did on the lower front that helps prevent the wrap from sliding off from the back.

Here's a close-up of the painted design. She is certainly a master. I would love to learn how she does this but  also realize that with some research and a lot of practice I could probably come up with hand-painted wraps myself, although it would take a lot of practice to become as accomplished as Cheri. This kind of work also requires a lot of space, which I don't have. But when did I ever let a little thing like lack of space hold me back? The bigger obstacle right now is lack of time. Moving into peak teaching season, and also much fabric to iron and more to dye this weekend.

I'm reminded a bit of the beading I did on a hand-dyed shibori velvet scarf I made a few years ago. Pulled it out this morning, photographed it, and think I will start wearing it again! Decided after hours of beading that I wouldn't be selling these! 

I'll be living off gruel (or beans as they say in the Southwest) after my splurge. But it will be a wonderful piece to wear for arty events for years to come!


  1. What a spectacular find! We shall expect to see you in it one of these days looking TRĂˆS chic! It teally IS glorious. The detail is wonderful.,

  2. What a gorgeous piece of wearable art. It will remind you of your wonderful trip when you wear it.
    our guild thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Many members commented on your honesty about your learning experiences. Everone enjoyed your beautiful work of course.
    For me personally I see how much work you put into your art career and wish you much success.
    Maggie from Twisted stitchers Quilt Guild Ajax

    1. Why thank you Maggie! You've made my day. I am so glad that your guild enjoyed my lecture.


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