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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Meet Marie Sophie Brou

Marie Sophie Brou on left, Elaine Quehl (me) on right

Before I met Marie Sophie Brou, I had been attracted to her textile jellyfish from across the exhibition hall at the Quilt en Sud show.

Marie Sophie was one of several artists who were invited to exhibit as part of the "10 Years Later" exhibit, meaning that they had all been exhibiting artists at the Festival in 2003. The theme of her exhibit was mostly an "under the sea" one.

Detail of fish in above left panel.

I forget what this sea creature is called, but I think it is a sea urchin.

The exhibition was in part an "installation" exhibit, with varying under sea corals and creatures created from textiles and fibres.

I think this all-white cocoon is my favorite piece in Marie Sophie's exhibit.

I got to know Marie Sophie a bit better when I had the pleasure of being seated at the same table as her at the Quilt en Sud banquet. When she heard that we were staying on in France, in a village near hers, she warmly invited us to her home this past Friday night. 

Not only is she a fine artist, but Marie Sophie is also a warm-hearted woman who loves animals. She counts a horse, two rescue dogs, and two birds as part of her family (in addition to her husband Phillippe and daughter Fanny). Sophie Marie and her husband are both kinesitherapists (which I believe is similar to what we in North America know as a physiotherapist) by profession.

I am afraid my over-50 brain did not retain the exact names of her very affectionate and well-mannered dogs, but here they are.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner in her home last surrounded by an international group of friends.


  1. Yes...an urchin it is. Stunning work! And your soiree -- how lovely!

  2. Yes the soiree was a delightful surprise.


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