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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Textile Art of Desedamas / Today's Workshops

Today I taught my second (and last workshop) at the Quilt en Sud Patchwork and Textile Art Biennial. Teaching in the class next to me was Merce Gonzalez, who makes up one half of the two-sister team of artists known as Desedamas. The other half of the team is Cecilia Gonzalez. These two artists live near Barcelona, Spain. I had the pleasure of seeing their exhibition at the Festival yesterday and loved it. Today I am sharing some photos.

Merce works with transparent fabrics, mostly organza. She has created designs on some of them with batik. Me on left, Merce on right.

Cecilia works with a variety of fabrics, including hand-dyed cottons and velvets. Each piece is heavily textured with free-motion stitching.

At times I managed to peek into Merce's class to see how students were piecing together sheer fabrics. It certainly looked like a fun and informative workshop. It was especially of interest to me, given all the hand-dyed organza I have amassed!

In my class students were learning about depth and value while using my poppy pattern. Here is our class photo. To my left is our translator of today: Joseph.

Yesterday I had my first dog ever come to my exhibition, and today it was the first dog ever to come to my class. Sophie's husband picked her up with little Maya in tow.


  1. Elaine, it looks like a wonderful time was had by all! The work of Desedmas is lovely.
    I hope your trip home is uneventful. Jeanne

    1. Thanks Jeanne, I certainly had a wonderful time! Now enjoying a bit of vacation in the French countryside.

  2. Elaine, I agree with Jeanne. What a wonderful experience you are having -- teaching and learning and making new friends. I too am intrigued by piecing organza...and other sheers. Not just applique and overlay but piecing! "Why ever not?! Duh!" says my Muse. :-)

    Blessings to you for your show, your class and the rest of your time there. :-)

    1. Thanks Margaret ... a wonderful experience for me for sure!


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