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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Doors, Windows, and Patios of Andalucia, Spain

You probably knew it was coming! A complete blog post about windows, doors and patios. In Europe, these are always among my favorites.

It seems that a large percentage of these were taken in the village of Frigiliana, one of our favorite towns in Andalucia.

This delightful window scene was photographed inside the restaurant where we had our favorite meal!

Blue doors are definitely a theme in Andalucia, and work oh so well with the white-washed buildings.

Sometimes the blue is true blue, sometimes closer to lavender,

and sometimes closer to turquoise.

Weathered doors are often the most interesting because of their textures.





  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures from Spain! In 2000, I went to most of the same places and will never forget! Wouldn't it be great to move there???!!!

    1. That`s cool Anne-Marie. It must bring back memories. We actually found many retirees (including some from Canada) spending their entire winter there.

  2. Wow! Pictures look awesome… Its really interesting to see that people of Spain preserve the quality and work of their old architectures. Though it looks old and dilapidated it has got a beauty in it. Its like the trend has turned back to olden days. People building new homes are getting their doors and windows installation in old designs and fashion. Moreover such designs has been given attractive names. Its really good to see this change.Going back to the olden days from most modern world.

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