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Monday, February 23, 2015


Someone passed along my Quilting Arts article from June 2014 to the Editor of The Hosta Journal, published by the American Hosta Society. He (Robert Olson) invited me to write an article for their spring journal. I submitted it last week and will advise when it is published. I included a list of some of the hosta gardens in Ontario that I have been privileged to visit, and I hope they also get some exposure from it. 

Apparently your typical "hostaholic" loves to search for the rarest of hosta hybids.The angle I'm coming from with my story is that I too am a hostaholic, but unlike most I am more interested in the study of value, line and curve. I know very little about hosta varieties or growing conditions. I talked about the art end of hostas, what I look for and what draws me to them, as well as how I make my work.

The Journal subscription is available to all Members of the American Hosta Society. If there is some way I can share this article with my readers at a later date I will surely do so.


  1. Congratulations on reaching a wider audience, Elaine! I too *love* hosta, but am at this stage focused on trying to grow some on the prairies. I bought 2 plants -- one large and green, one smaller and "bluer" -- last spring from a local nursery and planted them close together in a shady corner. So far, so good -- one even bloomed! -- but after the winter...who knows? Maybe you'll get picked up by the Canadian Gardener too... And get commissions from hosta growers! :-)

    1. Congratulations on your success with hosta plants Margaret! I can't claim the same as I have not been doing any gardening in a few years. What grows here is the result of my husband's efforts. I do manage to find hostas everywhere though.

      Hoping winter isn't being too hard on you and that you have recovered from your illness.

  2. Big congratulations, Elaine! Hope to see and read your article!,

    1. You will see my article Carolynn. I just learned that the Hosta Society will let me share it with my readers. I will do that as soon as the members have received their Journals.


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