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Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Trip to Montreal

It has been a busy week! On Monday night I gave my new lecture, "A Design and Colour Journey" at the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild. Tuesday I headed to Montreal, where I gave the same lecture to the Beaconsfield Quilters Guild on Tuesday night.

To the right of me is Andrea, the Workshop Coordinator for the guild.

On Wednesday morning I gave my "From Inspiration to Art Quilt" lecture for the day guild

After the meeting we went for lunch, saw an art show and went shopping. How cool is it that I found these earrings just after talking about the golden mean/Fibonacci sequence during my Design lecture? The growth of the nautilus shell perfectly represents this concept!

On Wednesday I taught my "Liberated Radial Design" class. We had a very spacious, warm and bright classroom.  Outside it had been snowing for two days straight. We enjoyed the warmth from the sun and blue sky through the windows on Wednesday.

I had a great time with this group! Having visited twice before during the last decade, and having some members as friends on Facebook, I felt like I knew some of these ladies. But I did meet new people and make new friends too.

Heather and her piece below. She is the first student to have the centre of this design fit without a hole to be covered!

Haleh is a modern quilter, and that shows in her choice of fabrics.

Annick is the guild's photographer, and is responsible for a couple of the photos in this post.

Debby is also a teacher!





I'm loving Lauma's soft and hand-dyed colour palette!


Julie.  I was pleased when Julie shared her finished poppy quilt, from the class I taught at this guild a few years back. She decided to try the poppy in values of black and white.

I stayed with Helena Scheffer and her husband Dave, along with their three adorable canines. Perfect hosts! The large dog is Chloe, and I wanted to take her home! The pugs in the background are Gus and Lucy. Helena is an award-winning textile artist. I've linked to her website, so just click on her name if you'd like to see some wonderful work.

Sweet sweet Chloe!


  1. Love that funky B&W (and red) poppy! :-) My mother grew up in Valois...I have cousins out on the West Island...your post about being in Beaconsfield tugged at my heart even though I really know no one there...But what a fun time! SO glad you shared!

  2. Thanks Margaret. I really enjoyed my time in Montreal. You have connections to many places in Canada!


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