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Friday, March 27, 2015

Haliburton School of the Arts, Summer 2015

Registration began March 2 for classes at the Haliburton School of the Art's Summer Arts Program.

The two classes I am offering this year are as follows:

Quilting - Flowers & Foliage (July 20-24)

Create a beautiful art quilt featuring your favorite flower or foliage. Learn to turn a close-up botanical photograph into a pattern suitable for creating a fused art quilt. Selection of a suitable photograph, layout, value and the creation of depth through value contrasts, the construction of the flower or foliage, attachment to suitable background and quilting the completed design will all be covered.

If you would like to see what students made in this class two years ago, follow this link.

Quilting - The Art Quilt (July 27-31)

Instruction will inspire your creativity and enable you to produce original works of art in the quilt medium. The goal is to enable you to experiment, take risks and create original work as you discover your voice, your style, and what you want to express. Instruction and exercises in colour as well as the elements and principles of design and composition will give you the background to make visually dynamic work. Explore the process of dyeing your own fabric, the techniques you might need to construct the work itself, and how to finish it off. Learn how to create a pattern for your original design and discover freeform construction methods. You will have the opportunity to complete two small works using both methods and begin to make plans for a larger art quilt. You will be required to bring a familiar and reliable sewing machine in good working order.

Take a peek at previous classes here.

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