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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fabric Frenzy!

I think I failed to mention here that my Northcott Poppy Passion fabric arrived just two days before my teaching trip to Shelburne, Midland, and Barrie. So I had two days to get 300 meters of fabric cut and folded in order to take some with me.

That two day cutting frenzy was followed by a massage for very sore muscles!

The fabric is beautiful if I do say so myself, and it has been a great deal of fun being the fabric fairy, doing fabric give-aways and door prizes where ever I teach and lecture.

At the same time I'm having a fabric frenzy of another sort! Every other year I sell my hand-dyed fabric at the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild's "Festival of Quilts"http://www.ottawavalleyquiltersguild.org/, that takes place on Mothers Day Weekend. I started preparation for this at least a month ago.

I've lost count, but I think I've dyed somewhere in the vicinity of 200 more meters of fabric to add to my travelling store. I always like to have a very good selection for this show because it is the time when people in my own region can find me to purchase fabric.

That also means a whole lot of ironing. There have been times I have hired someone to help with the ironing, but because I'm always jamming things in available time, travelling a lot, and often doing things at the last minute, I find myself doing the work myself.

There has been fabric in the dye ots nearly every day I've been home in the last several weeks. I've spent a lot of time in my dyeing "dungeon".

In the mean time, my Poppy Passion line has been spotted at the Australian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to Annick O'Shaughnessy for sharing these photos. The vendor is "The Patchwork Tea House".

I am amazed that the fabric has made its way to Australia so quickly, and even more amazed that the shop already has samples sewn!!

Hope to see you this weekend at the "Festival of Quilts". In the mean time, I have another 45 meters to rinse and wash out and iron and cut and bundle before then. My "Poppy Passion" line will be available from several vendors at the show.

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