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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Studio Update

Last week and over the weekend I worked at painting my studio. The colour is Citronette by Behr, and it actually looks a bit more green in real life than it does in these photos. I love it. It was a huge job because of all the "stuff" that had to be moved out and then back in, and because I tried to organize a bit and purge a bit while doing it.  Things are mostly back in place, but I do want to spend more time organizing the hand-dyes and the class supplies so I can find them when I need to.

I am flying off to Kelowna, British Columbia on Friday to give a lecture and teach my 5-day Art Quilt class at Cherry Tree Quilts in Summerland. So any further organization will have to wait. This week I have spent my time prepping for my classes, packing, and trying to organize my book keeping a bit. You might notice in the photo below that on top of the cabinets on the left I have a new Brother Scan and Cut machine. I picked that up in May, quite smitten by the possibilities, but have only had the chance to play with it briefly. Winter is coming so there will be more time.

The studio update also involved scrapping the 20-25 year old IKEA shelves and replacing them with new ones. I like these backless ones that let the colour of the paint show through.

It's a small studio, about 10 ft x 10 ft. Full with two large desks (also IKEA) and lots of shelves and cabinets, and a closet packed with fabric.

I still have a few posts to share about France. But in the mean time, I am back in teaching mode.


  1. Bright and sunny, that's for sure! What influenced your decor decisions? My studio is wallpapered in neutral tones (came with the house), the largest bedroom (about the same size as yours) and on the SE corner with a big south-facing window, outside of which is an equally shady tree! I'd have to think about all these things -- and lighting -- if I were to do a reno...so I'm curious!

  2. Margaret, what influenced my decor decision most was that I was tired of looking at the builders paint that had graced the walls way too many years. Not quite white, not quite grey, not quite beige. I craved colour, and settled on a really yellowish green, one of my favorite colours, that often (sometimes) finds its way into my quilts. My room faces north, and I am thankful for that because I am warm blooded ;-) although this colour would surely warm me in winter. The red accents are there, inspired by the red stool that appears in 3 of my quilts, and for which I actually painted a stool red as a model (you can see the actual stool on top of the shelving in the first photo). Basically this is a reno to make me want to be in the room and enjoy being there. I still have a lot of work to get fabric and teaching supplies organized so I can find them easily.

  3. Wow! You must be THRILLED, Elaine! How very inspiring. I'd start working in there this afternoon, sore hand or not! Looks GORGEOUS!

    1. Thank you Carolynn, I am pretty pleased and hope to be in there working a lot more this winter :-)


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