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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The City of Arles

One of our reasons for visiting the city of Arles was that Vincent Van Gogh had spent time here and painted here, as had other artists. Arles dates back to Roman times so it also has great ruins from the Roman period and is thus a UNESCO site. It also has fantastic Medieval and Renaissance architecture added to the mix.

Walking into Arles from the Visitors Centre, there is a wonderful installation of umbrellas over the street. We couldn't take enough photos! So here they are from every angle!

A detail at the fountain in the centre square.

A colourful town with lots of cafes.

This is a recreation of the the "Yellow Cafe" that Van Gogh hung out at in his day

and is featured in his painting "Le Cafe La Nuit"
The streets are old and cobbled and colourful.

You could be forgiven for thinking you are in Rome! Here is a photo with the Roman Theatre on the right, and a medieval church in the background.


  1. Loved the colorful travelogue! If I can't go, at least my friends share their pics with me.


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