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Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Brunswick Teaching Trip, Part 2

When I arrived at my hotel room in Fredericton, New Brunswick, I found this beautiful gift bag from the Elm City Quilters Guild had been left for me. How thoughtful, and another example of Maritime hospitality.

The bag contained snacks, beverages, bath products, toiletries, and a magazine. Many things to make my stay comfortable.

Attached was a card with an abstract watercolour painting of cats. Hmmm ... they must have been reading about me.

Our classroom was huge and bright, and again very accessible.

On my first day I taught my In Full Bloom class. That evening I gave a lecture. I did not take any photos at the lecture, but am awaiting some to be sent from members who did.

I taught a half day class on Flip and Sew Curves

followed by a half day class on Liberated Applique.

This group did such a fantastic job and really seemed to enjoy my third class, Fast & Fun Fused Designs. Many had not ever cut their designs free hand before.

This is June, my class helper most days.


I met so many people in my 9 days of teaching and lecturing in New Brunswick, that I am struggling for names here. If anyone can please help me with the names of the following members, I will be happy to add them.


I enjoyed lobster roll after class one day with Pat, the Guild's President. Pat is the one who contacted me to invite me to teach in Fredericton. I enjoyed her company.

I took two days to drive home to Ottawa again. My first day brought blue skies and beautiful views.

I decided to stop at Hartland to view the longest covered bridge in the world. It was more than worth the 5 minute detour from the Trans Canada Highway. My husband and I have driven to the Maritime provinces many time for summer vacations, and we have never stopped here.

It definitely is the longest covered bridge I have ever seen!

That night I stayed in Quebec City overnight, discovering that I speak better french than my GPS! A huge thank you to the Elm City Quilters Guild for also taking such good care of me! Let me repeat: that is Maritime Hospitality!

Thanks to so much help from everyone, along with accessible classrooms and hotel rooms, I came home fairly rested and no worse for wear. Certainly my arthritic knee was no worse on my return. However, I did have a cortisone shot yesterday and hopefully things will continue to improve.

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful trip, Elaine. It was a long drive but so many happy faces on the students!


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