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Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Hilltop Village of Goult

Have you seen enough blue doors and windows yet? I photographed these in the charming little hill-top village of Goult.

Look at these beautiful triangle-shaped delicate lace curtains in this window.

Twelfth century castle

The lush and green village park with a fountain.

Tuesday morning market with a lovely array of vendors, including these two young entrepreneurs.
The usual lavender products.

A darling array of children's clothing. Polka dots are everywhere right now!
I have one more blog post to share about Provence. In the background I am dyeing, washing, ironing, cutting and folding fabric for my teaching trip to New Brunswick. I leave on Thanksgiving day. This week will be busy organizing all my workshop materials, copying notes, boxing up patterns and fabric, packing quilts, and all the personal items I'll need for my two weeks there.

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