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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Boone Hall Plantation and Other Lovely Places Near Charleston

I'm stopping by to finish my posts about South Carolina. I want to share a few other must-see things that I really enjoyed. While Magnolia Plantation was my favorite of the two Plantations I visited, Boone Hall Plantation is also well worth a trip. It was a cold and cloudy day when I visited, but the drive up the long lane-way of huge oak trees, dripping with spanish moss, was worth the visit alone. Live oak trees are different from regular oak in that they are evergreen and have leaves all year round.

Along the side of the main hall where the plantation owner lived, is the row of slave cabins. There are tours and talks you can take to learn more about the history of slavery and the Civil War.

There is still cotton growing on this plantation.

The camelias were in full bloom and gave some much-needed colour to a dreary day!

Outside of Charleston, is a wonderful quilt shop in Summerville. It is called People, Places and Quilts. The inside is enormous, taking up the space of an old hardware store, with interesting nooks and crannies, each with its own display.

I really enjoyed the Charleston City Market. Lots of interesting and tempting things to purchase.

One of the popular items there are the sweet grass baskets woven by Gullah People, descendents of African slaves. They are simple and exquisite.

I am now turning my attentions to preparing for next week's trip to Simcoe, Ingersoll and Hamilton. In the gaps between teaching and lecturing over the first two weeks of March I will be staying with my sister in Waterloo, and trying to help her with my 91 year old father, who was hospitalized while I was away. 

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  1. I would have loved exploring the plantations. What a treat. The market looked wonderful, as well. I hope your father is feeling better soon.


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