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Sunday, February 21, 2016

South Carolina Lectures and Workshops

My lecturing and teaching in South Carolina began with the Cobblestone Quilters Guild in Charleston. Here you can see the group waiting for the meeting to begin.

The next day I taught a workshop, "Hosta Leaves 101". This is Anita, the guild's Vice-President, and the lady who picked me up at the airport, drove me around, and drove me the two hours to the next guild in Columbia.

Vicki is the President and was responsible for signing me on to visit this guild. A big thank you to Vicki and Karen for organizing everything.

During my stay with this guild I was billeted in the home of Christine. We had many things in common and she was the perfect billet.

Meet Christine's two felines. It is customary practice for me to introduce the many charming cats I meet on teaching trips! Here I'm getting a little love from Ralphie.

The sleek and elusive Grace wasn't too sure about me.

Anita drove me to Columbia for my next booking with the Greater Columbia Quilters. Upon my arrival at my hotel, I found this hospitality bag. It contained snacks, bath products, reading material and souvenirs. Members were asked to contribute things with a Southern theme. This was like arriving to a big welcome hug!

Meet Mary Zimmerman, to my left. I met Mary twice in Canada, and she was the instigator behind me being invited to South Carolina. Thank you Mary!

One member was armed with her camera and took lots of photos, which is why I have so many more photos from my time with this guild. Below are several members who came forward for a photo.

Kitty asked for a photo of just the two of us.

Here are members having a closer look at my work.

Sunday was my day off. Joan and Mary picked me up and showed me Columbia, took me shopping, and then to a wonderful dinner of more "she crab soup", crab cakes, and this time I even tried the collard greens. They reminded me a bit of sauerkraut.

The next day twenty members showed up to try their hands at Tree Collage.

After class, Mary drove me to Rock Hill for my last booking on this trip with the York County Quilters Guild. I was billeted at the beautiful home of Barbara, where the guild had left this welcome box for me. It included products from YLI Thread and Springs Creative Industries, both local businesses. I was feeling really spoiled at this point!

I gave a lecture the next evening,.

followed by another Collage Tree workshop. With all the beautiful trees I saw in South Carolina, I can see why trees were a popular workshop topic there.

I received lots of love from Barbara's two cats during my two day stay. Meet Nicky.
and Peaches.

Barbara took really great care of me during my stay. Thank you to Gail and Stephanie for organizing my visit.

Thank you to all three guilds for your warm hospitality. It is true what they say about Southern hospitality! I flew home from Charlotte right after class I was fortunate to have missed some of the coldest days during my time away, as well as a storm that dropped 50 cm of snow on Ottawa in one day. I am now prepping for my next teaching trip to Simcoe, Ingersoll, and Hamilton, Ontario. I leave in a little more than a week.


  1. It would be wonderful to have the chance to inspire other quilters to try new things but add to that, the chance to get to know some of them personally must really make the experience rewarding.

  2. It has its rewards Jo. This morning one of the ladies in my class in Columbia sent a photo of the tree trunk she finished, and that makes me happy. I also get to choose my friends from among the many many quilters I meet. Some of them do become very good friends.


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