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Friday, October 13, 2017

The Charm of Strasbourg

I didn't really have any preconceived notions about the City of Strasbourg. To me it was a city that we would fly into and fly out of in order to visit the wine route and villages of the Alsace. We decided to stay there the last three nights of our trip.

We were warmly welcomed to Strasbourg! As we were checking into our hotel, I saw this cat watching us from the apartment across the street. When it sensed that I too was looking at it, it began to perform :-)

Strasbourg is a city of about 200,00 inhabitants. It was also a pleasant surprise. We were asked incredulously by a local as to why we would choose to go to Strasbourg when we could go to Paris? Well frankly, I prefer smaller cities. Strasbourg was very walkable and very charming. Our hotel was near the University, and just outside the old city, which is surrounded by a canal. All we had to do was walk down our street, cross a bridge over the canal, and we were soon in the old town.

Like many European cities, the main square of Strasbourg contains a very large and beautiful cathedral.

It is an intricate and artful piece of architecture.

We spent a lot of time just walking the streets and soaking in the ambiance. OK, we also indulged in some pastries. Of note, wherever there are crowds of people (airports, train stations, shopping districts, the main squares) you will find groups of police and military on patrol. They carry large machine guns. I guess this is a result of terrorist attacks in recent years.

This is the canal that encircles the old part of the city.

Again the canal, with the Strasbourg Cathedral in the distance.

This is the final post sharing our wonderful time in the Alsace. Since being home, I've been busy dyeing kits, and preparing for classes this fall. I will be heading out to Newmarket, Ontario later this month.

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