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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Student Work

Over the last couple of months I have received photos of work from students or taken photos when I've met up with students again. It is my pleasure to present here a gallery of work by some very talented students!

First the poppies, because poppies are blooming in my garden as we speak (and another blog post about that is coming!) I have a two day "In Full Bloom" class where you get to make a quilt from your own floral photograph, or a one-day class where you use one of my designs. The poppy is always the most "pop"ular!! Barb Ramik sent me this photo of her poppy, all built and ready to be placed on a background. Luscious colours!
I was able to capture a photo of Greta Atkinson's poppy while teaching in Guelph (which is where Greta lives). Love how she has moved into the pinks in her poppy.
Heather Hager shows her finished quilt top from my Liberated Strip Piecing class. Love the curve of the central section and her bold use of colour!
Hilary Kelly is the first to send a photo of a completed work from my Liberated Radial Piecing class. This piece has lots of impact, and she has finished the edge with a striped binding that mirrors the colours in the radial design.
Janice Toonders shows off her piece from my Reflections class. Lots of movement and bold design.
Chris Burbridge sent a photo of her Reflections piece. Rather than add a border, she has effectively worked darker valued blocks around the edge to form her border. You can also see how different her results are just by the way she has turned her blocks.


  1. I love the radial and reflection pieces.

  2. Beautiful work! Your workshops are just so interesting.


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