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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Packing Again ... But Before I Go ...

I'm packing my bags again to head out on the road tomorrow.  I'll be lecturing and teaching all next week in the London, Ontario area (Huron-Perth Quilt Guild, Thames Valley Quilt Guild, and London Friendship Quilt Guild).  You will be hearing all about it in a future blog post.

In the mean time, my new article Developing Your Quilting Creativity is now available in the May issue of Online Quilt Magazine.  If you are not a subscriber, you can subscribe at this link: www.onlinequiltmagazine.com.  Please note that there are two versions, a smaller free version at no charge, and a bigger glossier version (this issue has 71 pages) at $10.00 per year.  You will find my article in the bigger, glossier version.  OnLine Quilt Magazine is published by Australian quilter, Jody Anderson, on a monthly basis. I'd like to say thank you to Linda Doyle, owner of Dragonfly Fabrics here in Ottawa, for passing my website on to this magazine.  As a result of her kindness, I was invited to have a feature article in the magazine.

Today I shipped off my two quilts that will be in the Canadian Quilters Association`s National Juried Show in Halifax.  I must confess I'm a bit nervous because this is the first time I have ever shipped my quilts by Canada Post.  I usually rely on UPS, but the instructions specifically said to ship by Expedited Post.  Crossing my fingers they get there OK.  The guy at the post office told me his mother still hasnt' received the birthday card he sent her two years ago!  Doesn't exactly inspire confidence.  What makes me more nervous is that one of the entires, In the Act, has been sold to a good friend, who is generously allowing me to continue entering it in shows. 

In the Act and Backstage, below, will be at the Quilt Canada National Juried Show May 29 - June 2 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
In the Act, 2010

Backstage, 2011


  1. Enjoy your trip, hope your quilts make it! I'll have to check out your article, even I can afford a $10 subscription. Your Backstage quilt is gorgeous, it caught my attention before, you must have posted on your blog previously. It's already so hot and dry here in NC that hostas won't have a chance in another month or so. I really miss the plants that grow in cooler climates.

  2. Just checked the free subscription, and saw your article in it--subscription not needed!

  3. I just sent mine out yesterday... it is always nerve wracking!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your quilts in the NJS, wishing you were here too!


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