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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Salon 2012, Quebec Quilts

I returned last night after a whirlwind two days at Salon 2012 Quebec Quilts.  It was a busy couple of days, attending the opening reception on Wednesday night, being up early to teach all day Thursday and Friday, and enjoying dinner with the workshop organizers and other teachers.  One of the benefits of teaching at conferences and shows is the opportunity to share experiences with, and learn from, other teachers!  Not something that happens on the many trips where you are alone on the road!

The weather was hot hot hot, and the traffic in Montreal was pretty intense.  Fortunately we were not affected by student demonstrations, but I learned that there is a travel advisory in effect for Montreal.

Here are photos of our organizers, Randi and Sharon, and all the instructors teaching at the show.  Left hand side, front to back: Wendy Butler Berns, Dominique Ehrmann, Pamela Allen, Randi Lenet (organizer), Sharon Stroud
Right hand side, front to back: Vikki Pignatelli, Bonnie McCaffery, Sharon Gates (organizer), Joan Shay.

Here we are from the other end of the table.  That's me with the tangerine T-shirt.

As you probably know, the official language in Quebec is french, so the first language for many of the students coming to class is french.  Teachers were assigned translators just in case.  Mostly we did OK, except sometimes there are not equivalent terms for things like "fudge factor" (one of my favorite quilting terms), so our translator, Joanne (pictured below, hamming it up for the camera) helped out in those situations. 

On Thursday I taught my Surface Design class.  We got to muck around with artist pencils, wax pastels, Shiva Paintstiks, Tsukineko inks, and foils. 

Friday I taught "In Full Bloom".  Students were eager and happy to learn how I make my floral quilts.  I always think there is a point in this class when the students must hate me because there are so many steps and so many new skills to learn.

This was my first trip in a long time that I didn't teach from a chair on wheels.  I did try to sit at times, but thanks to my new exercise regime my knees are doing much better. Good thing, because I am still waiting for an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon ... looks like it will be a loooooonggg wait!!  I do want to thank our translator Joanne who helped me pack up supplies at the end of the day, and my student Denise from Gatineau who helped and who was kind enough to help me transport my materials to my car and pack it.  

In my Surface Design class I charge a supply fee for students to use all the products without having to purchase them.  On my way home I had a happy little shopping trip to DeSerres to boost my supplies for my upcoming week-long Surface Design class.  I don't think there is anything that makes me happier than a nice box of new coloured pencils, or crayons or paint.

I will be teaching two introductory machine quilting classes in the upcoming week (Wednesday and Saturday) at Dragonfly Fabrics.  I also need to quilt the two small pieces I shared in my May 21 blogpost before June rolls around. and I have to write an article for a guest blogger appearance.  I will share the information when it is published.


  1. It's so good to read that your exercises are helping your knees. I would love to be in one of your classes to learn how you create masterpieces like Kissing Joy. Do you cover your techniques in your patterns? And are they for sale separate from classes? I hope your two cats are helping you not miss Johnny so much.
    Martha Ginn

  2. Hi Martha,

    Good to hear from you, how are you doing?

    Yes, I am amazed at how much exercise is helping me. No it won't reverse the arthritis that is already in my knees, but stronger legs are holding up my knees better. I am enjoying the recumbent bike and being in the pool because I feel so weightless there!

    Actually, I posted a tutorial a little while ago on the making of Red Stool II (my SAQA auction piece). It uses the same process as I use for my florals. You can read it here: http://www.elainequehl.blogspot.ca/2012/05/making-of-red-stool-ii.html

    I don't typically sell my patterns without instruction as I think instruction on value is an important part of making a piece like this. Sometimes I make an exeption for someone more experienced. So far I have only sold the pattern for the lower poppy in Kissing Joy. I am not too keen on having many copies of Kissing Joy in circulation as I think it lowers the value if a collector would want to purchase it. But alas, it seems collectors want my hostas more than my florals ;-))

    Kissabelle and Mr. McMenace have their charms, but no one can replace Johnnie. I will have to carry on without him! Hope Big Boy is giving you lots of loving!


  3. Nothing like a lovely new box of colour!!!!


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