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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blog Giveaway: "Coaching the Artist Within"

I've stocked up on duplicates of some of my favorite books.  Today's celebratory blog give-away is a copy of Coaching the Artist Within by America's foremost Creativity Coach, Eric Maisel.

Says Maisel, "Have you ever wished you had a professional coach who could encourage your creative pursuits, help structure your efforts, and cheer you on?  ... Designed to help any person become more creative.  Coaching the Artist Within will teach you to be your own coach, and the results will transform your relationship with the creative process".

I am a big fan of Maisel's books, and I think this particular book is very suitable for both new artists and experienced artists.

The first person to leave a comment on my blog today will win this book.

For the next blog give-away we'll try a different method for choosing a winner (I will draw from everyone that leaves a post that day).

Also, today at 6:30 pm EST I will be interviewed in my studio by Liana Voia on Blog Talk Radio.  You can listen to the interview live or tune in afterward at this link:


  1. Thanks Eileen. This looks interesting!

  2. Congratulations Lisa, you are the winner! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. Please email me privately at equehl@hotmail.com to give me your mailing address.

  3. Oh Darn! I'm too late, but thanks for introducing me to the book!

  4. I would think that the inspiration and facts provided in this book would be so helpful. Have fun tonight!

  5. I guess I am too late!! ;-) I will add the book to my wishlist! Congratulations to the winner!

  6. Thank you all for trying. I have a second copy of that book to give away later in the month. That give-away will be handled a bit differently. Everyone who posts that day will be entered in a draw.

  7. I really think you should have given the book to the first person who made a really interesting and scintilating comment who I am sure would have been me! LOL

    1. Well now there's an idea! How about a jury process ;-))?? Maybe next time I will jury by comment, and you will no doubt win!

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