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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winner of Blog Give Away: "Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World"

Congratulations to Josée, who is the name drawn to win a copy of "Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World". I only know one Josée, so it must be Josée Dambois from Ottawa. Josée, please email me to let me know if I am correct and how we might arrange to get the book to you.  Often I am unable to respond to blog posts as my responses go to "no-reply" and there is no last name associated with the comment.  The next blog give away will be announced on Monday.

It appears that there is overwhelming support for business card #2, followed by #6, and then 9, 4 and 1.  I am going to give another try to using Photoshop to cut out the irregular red stool quilt used in #2 and placing it on a green background.  If anyone has tips on how to do that I'm all ears.  I've tried a few times unsuccessfully.  I did use Gloria Hansen's wonderful "Digital Essentials" book, but couldn't find some of her prompts in my version of Photoshop?.  Heather suggested using red text instead of green in #2, which I did try, and found it drew too much attention from the quilt. I will keep comments about font type and size in mind.

Thank you all for your help!

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