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Saturday, August 3, 2013

See What My Students Did in "Flowers and Foliage" Class

Last week I enjoyed a second wonderful week of teaching at the Haliburton School of the Arts. Here's a picture of me on Tuesday night at Rails End Gallery. Each summer all the instructors teaching in the Summer Arts Program are invited to submit a piece for the faculty show, which is always held at Rails End Gallery. Tuesday nights students are invited to come out and meet the Instructors. This piece is called "Red Stool Macro".

Eleven students registered in my new class "Flowers and Foliage". WOW, did they ever inspire me. I can't tell you how gratifying it was to spend the week observing their progress. I came home last night feeling very inspired!  I'm including photos here of pieces that were finished, or almost finished.

Libby's piece was inspired by a macro photograph of geranium buds. She successfully brings a subject that the naked eye can't see to a larger-than-life form.

Bridget Hough's piece was inspired by birch trees in a location that is very special to her. She designed it so it would follow the seasons: spring on the left, summer at the centre, and then moving into fall on the right.

Holly's piece was inspired by a close-up photograph of a tropical leaf.  Adding the more minor veins into each section gives it a more complex look with a feeling of depth.

Ruth accomplished a lot in the week!  She completed and even quilted the flower portion of these irises, which are in memory of her mother.

She went on to complete a second piece featuring a poppy.

Just look at the drama in Sarita's orchid!  

Chris and her daughter Patricia came to the class together.  Chris, completed a much more realistic, but very dramatic,pair of hosta leaves.

Patricia chose a section of her photo that resulted in a very dramatic abstract composition. The diagonal lines give it a wonderful feeling of movement.

Dawn's piece is so close to finished (only the white section remains to be finished) that I had to include it here. Someone asked me during the week whether I would ever use fabrics with designs printed on them. I responded that I would not, but someone like quilt artist Ruth McDowell would do so very successfully.  I think Dawn's piece might even be more interesting, and more abstract, with the printed fabrics. Inspired by a close-up photo of the centre of a rose, her piece has a wonderful spiral movement in the centre.

Here's our class photo!  Thank you Dawn, Velma, Sarita, Ruth S., Libby, Ruth M., Holly, Chris, Bridget, Pat M and Patricia L.for an inspiring week.

I also had a visit from a student from last year's class. Barb dropped by to show some finished pieces, including her liberated radial design.

In addition, she decided to try making a quilt featuring hosta leaves on her own. Lovely, isn't it?

I am home now for a few weeks, getting unpacked and putting everything back in its place. Hmmmm ... funny how a whole carload of "stuff" doesn't quite fit back in my house so well ;-))


  1. Wow, what a creative group. Thanks for posting these pictures Elaine. I hope to take part in this course next time you offer it at Haliburton. Hope you have a restful weekend!

    1. That would be great to see you in class again Ingrid.

  2. Nice work by your students, and you too Elaine!

    1. Thank you Jeanne. I`m really proud of the work this group completed!

  3. "Amazing" is putting it mildly, Elaine! Love their compositions and use of colour.

  4. What a great experience your students must have had. I'm sure you got them set for many more creations with what they learned in your class. I hope your kitties are enjoying each other.

    1. I had a great experience too Martha ... felt very inspired after the class. Kitties are doing great!

  5. You must be a gifted teacher, and are able to bring out the "artist" in each of your students. This work is all wonderful.

  6. I'm really proud of their efforts Laura. Thanks for your positive feedback.


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