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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's Right With this Picture!

I love receiving photographs of finished works from students. Last week Marnie Draper sent me the above photo of the tulip quilt she just finished, using my pattern. Marnie took my In Full Bloom class 2-1/2 years ago at Country Concessions Quilt Shop in Cookstown, Ontario. Either Marnie has some art background or she intuitively knows about good composition, because her decision to place the tulip off centre was a good one. I never had an intuitive sense of good composition, but learning from reading, classes, and observation over many years now is really making me feel more confident about design. Marnie has also developed an ability to see value, giving the tulip depth, making you feel as though you could walk right in!  I like the way she has also broken up her background to make it more interesting. I thought that sharing this photo today was good timing, given my last post where I talked about fixing my own composition.

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