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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Visit to Montreal

Yesterday I noticed the crocuses finally blooming in my garden. What a thrill to know that spring is finally here.
Alas, today it is snowing :-((

On Sunday I had the pleasure of teaching for the West End Quilters of Montreal. It was great to be back in Quebec to teach again.

We had a wonderfully bright and spacious classroom above the Loblaws grocery store.

The morning class was Free Form Curves, and the afternoon Liberated Applique. Below is a photo of the quick sample I demonstrated for Liberated Applique. This flower was made with one single piece of fabric and cut free-hand.

I took most of these photos in the afternoon when everyone was working on their liberated applique project. Some chose to attach it to the curved (and free-hand cut and pieced) background they produced in the morning. Others chose to save that background and add some liberated applique to a plain background.

Wow, Audrey quickly produced some wonderful waterlilies.

Barbara worked on hydrangea.

Sandra's flowers were very dramatic.Lots of value contrast in the piece of fabric she started with.

Linda at work.

Anna worked with prints, and put her own style into her work.

Allison preferred to create a koi fish, and this was the result. Not everyone gravitates to botanicals, and it makes life more interesting that way.
Mary. Finding a fabric with lots of mottling and value variations in it can help produce a much more complex flower than using solids and prints.

I hope I will get to teach in Quebec again soon!

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