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Friday, April 25, 2014

On the Shores of Lake Ontario

This past week I had a lovely visit with the Lakeshore Quilters Guild, on the shores of Lake Ontario. Tuesday night's meeting took place in Port Hope. I was warmly received, and many people pitched in to help carry the quilts and hand-dyed fabric in and out of the hall. My billet was with Simone, who provided a comfy stay, and breakfast the next morning. The visit was so quick I didn't even get photos.

Wednesday's workshop took place in Cobourg. Nice spacious classroom! As it turns out, this is the second time I've taught for the Lakeshore Quilters Guild. Several years ago I visited to teach an introductory machine quilting class.

The topics of the day were "Free-Form Curves" in the morning and "Liberated Applique" in the afternoon. This is the same class that I taught in Montreal a weekend ago.

Let me introduce you to Linda Stephen. That's Linda on the left below, wearing the yellow vest. To her right is her sister Kathy. Linda is the person I've been chatting with by email for many months now as she wears the hat of Program and Workshop Coordinator. She took very good care of me while I was there, taking me for dinner, bringing me lunch, and even sending a care package with me for the four hour drive home.

Everyone spent the morning learning to be more comfortable with cutting and piecing curves free-hand. They are a relaxed and creative group, so this comfort level was achieved pretty quickly.  Here's a picture of the group at the end of the day, after the afternoon session of "Liberated Applique". Amazing what you can do with one piece of fabric that has value variation within it.

And here's another picture of the class with me in it on the right. If you click on the photos a larger image will open.

A few students even got to the stitching part.

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