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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good Times in Kingston

A few days after returning from teaching in Winnipeg, I had my car packed and was off to Kingston, Ontario for a lecture and workshop. The City of Kingston is about a two hour drive from where I live, and I have taught there several times for various groups. This was a return trip to the Limestone Quilters Guild.

My friend Lee was kind enough to staff my fabric booth and help out with my digital presentation. Over the years I have sold a lot of fabric in Kingston!

There was a fairly big crowd at the meeting.

There were 17 or 18 students in the class on Saturday, which was held at the Stitch by Stitch quilt shop. It was fun to meet my Facebook friend Vivien (on right) for the first time. You can see the start on her blue poppy just to the left of her. The person on the left is Carol.

This is Lilian, the Workshop Coordinator, lining up all her fabrics in preparation for creating a poppy.

Beth making her fabric selection.

Mary Anne decided to work on a purple lily.

It was great to see Francis wearing the shibori scarf she dyed in my first Dye Happy class two years ago!

Speaking of Dye Happy, tomorrow is our second session in Ottawa, and then I am heading to Montreal later on Saturday for a workshop I am teaching on Sunday.  I will be sure to post pictures of both these classes when I return.

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  1. By gosh Elaine!mlittle if ANY grass grows beneath your feet! Looks like a great session! Lucky Kingston:-)


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