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Monday, September 10, 2012

SAQA Auction Begins Today

Today is the official start of the 2012 SAQA Benefit Auction. I recommend you pop over to that link to have a look at some of the fantastic pieces available.  I find the groupings of "Dream Collections" presented quite striking.  Anyone can bid on these quilts, and you will find information on the site about how to do so. The auction is a reverse auction, meaning that on day one the quilts start at $750 and the price drops each day.  Proceeds help SAQA spread the word about the art quilt as a fine art medium, and support the many SAQA exhibitions travelling around the world.  "Red Stool", below, is my contribution to this year's auction, and is included with the group that will be auctioned on September 17.


  1. Great art work! No word of a lie, my top 10 were picked and yours was #1

  2. Ah, you are kind Jackie. Thank you!

  3. I believe yours has sold today, Elaine, at the $750 price!

  4. Thank you Laura, yes it did! I just posted about it.


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