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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

While I was Away

Greetings from the wild and beautiful Northwest Territories!  The skies are back to blue (we had a few days of rain) and the birches and poplars are shimmering gold.  The aurora have been awfully amazing too, but I'll post about that and more of my adventures when I get home and have a chance to sort through a bazillion photographs.  I taught a couple of classes while here, which I will also post about when I get home too.
While my little SAQA auction quilt went up for sale on Monday, we were stalking a herd of wood buffalo along the Mackenzie Highway. 
I was delighted to learn that night when I checked my email that Red Stool II (pictured below) sold on day one for $750.
On the same day I learned that Standing Ovation, pictured below, was one of 77 art quilts out of a total of 331 entered, to be selected for this years Quilts=Art=Quilts show at the Schweinfurth Memorial Arts Center in Auburn, New York.  My other entry, Red Stool, was declined.
I was really hoping, and kind of expecting, that Red Stool would make it in over Standing Ovation.  Now I have a challenge on my hands: getting Standing Ovation back from my solo show in St. Jacobs, Ontario, in time to ship to Auburn, NY for their "receive by" date of October 2.  Anyone in Southern Ontario planning a trip to Ottawa in the next week?  I may have to pull a fast trip.  I wasn't planning to pick up my show until October 5.
The colours in the sub-arctic boreal forest of Northwest Territories are just glorious at this time of year!

I also had the honour last night of meeting Shawna Lampi-Legaree, a well-known artist from Yellowknife.  We missed connecting when I was here in January.  We had a lovely visit to her home and studio (Dancing Raven Studio) last night.  Her latest work in progress is pictured on the wall between us.
More to come soon!


  1. Lovely shots of the NWT fall colors! Colors always seem to be more brilliant further north.

    Congrats on the sale!

    1. Thank you Deborah! The colours were brilliant, but they will be brilliant in Central Canada where I live too, as we get the reds too from the red maples. Our skies, however, don't seem to be as blue as in the north.

  2. Congrats on the sale and getting into such a high profile show!

  3. Wow! Well done in all endeavours! Your Yellowknife pics are fabulous. Congratulations on Standing Ovation and the fact that Red Stool sold so smartly is wonderful . You have had a very productive time .

  4. Thank you Carolynn! It has indeed been a good couple of weeks!


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