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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kissing Joy

This morning when I looked out the window I was delighted to see that the poppies are blooming. A couple of years ago I finally captured some great photos of them in a way that inspired a quilt called Kissing Joy. The name was inspired by William Blakes verse,

He who binds Himself to Joy
does the Winged Life destroy...
But he who kisses Joy as it flies
Lives in Eternity s Sunrise...

Given the delicate and brief life of a poppy, it seems to me that encountering one, and even capturing a great photo, is a moment when you get to kiss joy.

For the photo below, I set my camera to Macro and placed it right up against the poppy.

Of course on my walk in the garden this morning, three cats accompanied me. Here is Mudgie McMenace doing what he does best!
Johnnie, my retired studio assistant (now that he is blind) ventured into the garden too. He finds his way around by sound now, earning him the name Sonic Johnnie.
Kissabelle was too busy eating grass to raise her head for a photo.

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