ELAINE QUEHL, Quilt Artist, Teacher, Dyer, Designer

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Conversations Over Coffee, and Spring

I'm back with my second collage coffee cup in the "Conversations Over Coffee" series. In the first image below you can see what I thought was a finished collage. I did notice that the handle of the cup got a bit lost, but I was a bit stuck on the fact that this is the way the cup actually looked in real life. 

A friend left a comment on Facebook about the "lost" handle, and that made me take it more seriously. Who cares if the handle of the real live cup gets lost? We can improve on it! And so I did, as you can see in the photo below.

I like the background the cup is sitting on, but I am still toying with the idea of collaging my backgrounds as well. That will become clearer as I move forward with a few more pieces in the series.

My next cup project will be a challenge because it is white. Here is the photo that inspired it. 

It occurs to me that the perspective on the orange cup (shot from above) is much more interesting than the perspective in the other coffee cups I've photographed in my travels. Most of them are taken straight on. Well hmmm ... I might have to have me a photo session with my own coffee cups here at home. "Conversations We Can't Have Over Coffee"?? It feels that way as this lock-down really drags ... we are all weary of the pandemic.

It's been raining a lot lately, and we've experienced many cloudy days. Last weekend when the sun came out we went to one of our favorite nature trails. I was delighted to see the woods turning green again.

And even more delighted to be there at a time when ferns are unfurling

It is also Trillium season here in Ontario.