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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fibrefest Follow Up and Studio Clean up

Catching up on my blogging after a week of recovering and cleaning up from Fibrefest. After teaching a Hand-dyed Threads class, we set up my booth on Friday. I'm sharing a few photos before the crowds came. Yes, we had crowds! It was a successful weekend. Here's a view of my entire booth. I purchased some grid racks for the back so I could hang some work and samples of patterns made into quilts, along with patterns. There is a shelf along the back displaying the hand-dyed kits that go with the patterns.

In laying out my booth I decided to organize things in terms of colour. Right at the front I set up an autumn theme. I can't tell you how many people stopped just to pet the velvet!

I'd say the top sellers of the weekend were velvets and Textile Temptation packs. The visitors to Fibrefest are a more diverse crowd than just quilters and so I found it was the non-cottons that really attracted customers.

However, a lot of my past customers (many of them quilters) came out to purchase the cottons too.


Whew ... I was tired on Sunday night! Ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off. Standing and walking on those concrete floors all weekend caused a lot of leg, knee, and lower back pain. I was ever so glad I had a massage booked for Tuesday. 

In the past few days I did a major studio clean up. The tables are cleared to begin work on the sunflower commission next week. My sewing machines have been sent for servicing.

In cleaning up I even managed to excavate the chair in my studio, which has not been seen in two years ;-)

The fabrics that resided on the chair were put away so I can easily find them, in a cleaned out cabinet.

I straightened out the closet and moved some of the seldom-used teaching bins to the basement. Now I have a better idea where everything is, and some space to work in.

But of course I am back in the dye pots too. Trying to plan ahead for upcoming classes in the Maritimes at the end of October and early November. I'm not concerned if I dye too many kits because I need some for my booth at Quilt Canada next year. I just don't like to work in a last minute panic.

Looking forward to making some progress in the studio this week.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Fibre Content Show, Art Gallery of Burlington

Today is the opening of the Fibre Content Show at the Art Gallery of Burlington in Burlington, Ontario. I am pleased that two of my works will be there: Cascade 1 and Cascade 2 below. The show will run until September 16.

The exhibition includes 90 art works by 60 artists from across Ontario, plus an interactive exhibit of samples for you to investigate and touch. Admission is free.

The official opening of the show is on Sunday, September 9 from 1 - 3 pm. at 1133 Lakeshore, Burlington, Ontario. The Art Gallery of Burlington is open from 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

New this year are Artist talks. Here is the schedule>

Sept 8:
10:30  Tracey Lawko lecture:  One Stitch at a Time
2 pm   Gunnel Hag lecture: Her Enduring Love of Surface Design
2 pm   Al Cote workshop: Playful Abstract Creations

Sept 15:
10:30  Mita Giacomini lecture: How I Do What I Do - When I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
2 pm   Pat Hertzberg lecture: Her Unique Use of Water Soluble Film
2 pm   Chandra Rice workshop: Eco Printing on Paper and Rust/ Tanning


I wish I could be there, but this weekend I'm fully committed to being a workshop instructor and vendor at Fibrefest Almonte. See my last blog post for information.

Later this month (September 29/30), my friends at Quiltco will be having a show of their work at the Glebe Community Centre in Ottawa celebrating their 25 years in existence.