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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fibrefest Follow Up and Studio Clean up

Catching up on my blogging after a week of recovering and cleaning up from Fibrefest. After teaching a Hand-dyed Threads class, we set up my booth on Friday. I'm sharing a few photos before the crowds came. Yes, we had crowds! It was a successful weekend. Here's a view of my entire booth. I purchased some grid racks for the back so I could hang some work and samples of patterns made into quilts, along with patterns. There is a shelf along the back displaying the hand-dyed kits that go with the patterns.

In laying out my booth I decided to organize things in terms of colour. Right at the front I set up an autumn theme. I can't tell you how many people stopped just to pet the velvet!

I'd say the top sellers of the weekend were velvets and Textile Temptation packs. The visitors to Fibrefest are a more diverse crowd than just quilters and so I found it was the non-cottons that really attracted customers.

However, a lot of my past customers (many of them quilters) came out to purchase the cottons too.


Whew ... I was tired on Sunday night! Ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off. Standing and walking on those concrete floors all weekend caused a lot of leg, knee, and lower back pain. I was ever so glad I had a massage booked for Tuesday. 

In the past few days I did a major studio clean up. The tables are cleared to begin work on the sunflower commission next week. My sewing machines have been sent for servicing.

In cleaning up I even managed to excavate the chair in my studio, which has not been seen in two years ;-)

The fabrics that resided on the chair were put away so I can easily find them, in a cleaned out cabinet.

I straightened out the closet and moved some of the seldom-used teaching bins to the basement. Now I have a better idea where everything is, and some space to work in.

But of course I am back in the dye pots too. Trying to plan ahead for upcoming classes in the Maritimes at the end of October and early November. I'm not concerned if I dye too many kits because I need some for my booth at Quilt Canada next year. I just don't like to work in a last minute panic.

Looking forward to making some progress in the studio this week.

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