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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dye Happy 4

Today was Session 4 of my Dye Happy class, and the topic was Flour Paste Resist. I can't wait to see everyone's final results next class after they have had a chance to wash them. We had a great show and tell where students brought work they created in the last class, and other dyeing projects they had undertaken since the last class. A few photos are below. There were many more that I wish I could include:
Debra Sine's gorgeous blue, grey and chino shibori scarf:

Helen Gordon's shibori scarf, using a variety of red dyes:

Some of Helen's Soy Wax Batik:

as well as Helen's folded and clamped shibori

and a piece created by binding black-eyed beans in the fabric with elastic bands.

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