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Thursday, February 3, 2011

113 Meters

No, I'm not talking about snow, although it might have felt that way yesterday when I fired up the snowblower and shovel!! I'm talking about the 113 meters of fabric I've dyed in the last couple of weeks. Here it is. I was smart this time, and took up my friend Denise Cloutier's offer to iron it for me. Frankly, I was a tad whacked after just the dyeing. In record time (2 days) Denise had all 113 meters ironed. I'm still working on the velvets, organzas, dupioni silk and cheesecloth for the Textile Temptation packs. All this is in preparation for my teaching travels later this month.
To hear me talk, it sounds like I'm impressed by volume. Yup, I'm a "more is better" kind of woman" More fabric, more chocolate, more silver jewellrey. More is always better.
After yesterday's storm, my oldest kitty, Johnnie, is enjoying a nap in the sun, and I'm tempted too... If you subscribe to my e-newsletter, you may remember that 17 year old Johnnie had to retire as my studio assistant when he went blind earlier this year. He's still doing well, as long as his enviroment stays the same. Speaking of my e-newsletter, the latest issue will be available later today. If you'd like to receive it you can subscribe here.


  1. So looking forward to meeting you in London!

  2. I love that "more is better" philosophy. Your newly dyed fabrics are impressive! And I love seeing the happy cat napping.


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