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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Understanding Jurors Decisions

Upon my return from vacation, a letter from the Canadian Quilters Association was waiting for me. I had entered four pieces into this year's National Juried show. Below are the four entries. Two were accepted, and two were rejected. See if you can guess which quilts fall into which category? The answer comes after the pictures.
1. Standing Ovation
2. Losses 2
3. Forgiveness
4. Sun Temple
OK, here is the answer. 1 and 2 (Standing Ovation and Losses 2) were rejected. 3 and 4 (Forgiveness and Sun Temple) were accepted. As it turns out, I happen to like the rejected pieces better than the accepted ones. So you just never know!!! I'd love to hear your opinions!


  1. That makes two of us, Elaine...but you're right. You just never know!

    P.S. In truth, all are lovely, but I think "Standing Ovation" is my favourite. Of course, I am also fond of puns, so understand what you were getting at. Some folks just don't 'get' puns...

  2. I like 3 and 4 better myself!

    For me, Standing Ovation, though beautifully constructed, doesn't hold my interest. The hosta (?) leaves "blend" together - my eye doesn't have anything to follow or lead it through the piece and rather than get "tangled up" in the similarities of the leaves, my brain says "next!"

    The background of the second one is extremely beautiful. To me, the leaves don't add anything to the background - in fact, detract from it.

    Whereas the depth and textures in "Forgiveness" are beautiful aesthetically; they composition of it provides gentle movement. The flower "points" to the opposite corner so your eye is naturally drawn there, and lingers to explore those lovely blues. But then that spark of bright in the corner draws your eyes back to the flower and then again to the corner, etc. So your eye travels throughout the piece and wants to linger.

    Sun Temple's shape is unusual and the contrast of the turquoise against the darks is pleasing - not jarring, as well as being a re-interpretation of a traditional block.

    So, they both get my vote. :)

  3. congrats on getting 2 in... I love #1. Did you read my article in the CQA magazine, about jury selection? It should make you laugh! I can never figure out how they do it either. I was accepted in and am totally excited!

  4. Sun Temple is my favorite of these four, the contrasting colors and unusual shape get my attention.

  5. That is why we can't create our art for judges. It is so subjective. If we have done our best, maybe one of them will notice.

  6. I love "Standing Ovation." The highlights add great movement to the piece. Can't understand why it wasn't picked.

  7. I think Kit is correct. I would suspect the judges were drawn to a great contrast in color. They are all beautiful works of art. I give you a standing ovation!

  8. I think they're all fabulous but my favourites are the first 2


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