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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Serendipity Strips and Curves

For several Saturdays over the past few months I've been delivering my "Serendipity Strips and Curves" workshop series to the Quiltco Quilt Guild in Old Ottawa South. This workshop series (which can also be a 5-day class) includes 5 of my one-day classes that involve liberated curved and strip piecing methods ("Reflections", Free-Form Curves, Flip & Sew Curves, Liberated Strip Piecing, and Liberated Radial piecing). There is very little use of rulers or measuring in this class. Naturally this can be anxiety-provoking for some, while being liberating for others. I was really pleased to see some of the results this past Saturday. For example, Kathy brought a fabulous finished piece she had created by combining free-form curves and flip and sew curve methods. She named it Changing Margaret's Mind, inspired by Margaret Trudeau's latest memoir, "Changing My Mind".
I especially love when students come to class and go off to do something original and creative.

Sue brought the cat piece she designed in the last class on Flip and Sew Curves.
Judy combined the free-hand curved blocks from the first class with a Mariner's Compass she created in another class, giving her piece an ocean waves look.
The topic on Saturday was Liberated Strip Piecing, and here are just a couple of pieces that were nearing completion by the end of the class:
I casually named Janet's piece "Denim and Leather"
I think Sue's piece looks like a New York sunrise.
Finally, here is Carole's very funky piece.
I really love the irregular edges on these pieces! One more class to go in this series and I look forward to more finished pieces and to what results from Liberated Radial piecing!

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