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Sunday, July 31, 2011

In Between

I really wanted to go to Greece this summer, but with the political agitation in Athens, and considering how crowded with tourists the Greek Islands would be in August (the only month I would be able to get away), I decided against it. Instead, Jeannie, one of the students in my Art Quilt class, brought Greece to me with the art quilt she made in last week's class. I feel like I'm right there on the Mediterranean.

Instead of Greece, I'm sitting in a coffee shop with WiFi getting my email fix. Just finished up The Art Quilt class on Friday and am about to start Threads: Uncommon & Unforgettable tomorrow morning. My sister left yesterday and I moved into the instructor cottages that belong to Fleming College.

I had a great time with a full class of 12 students last week.
By the end of the week each student had to complete two design exercises, one using a "seat of the pants" method, and the other designing their own pattern. I asked them to choose a composition that would enhance their idea, and have one of the elements and principles of design dominate their piece. In the second exercise they had to use a value gradation as well. The boat scene above by Jeannie and the waterlily pads below by Joan were both made using a pattern the students designed.

I can't possibly include all 24 pieces here but will just highlight a few:
Joan's lilypads absolutely glow.
Barbara's seat of the pants piece has a wonderful diagonal composition that gives a sense of movement, and the little touch of red helps provide a focal point just off centre, but without being overwhelming as it might have been if the leaf had been solid red.

Karen created "Fire and Ice" using a seat of the pants method, but inspired by creativity exercises we did on the first day. In this case the inspiration came from the written word, a poem title by Robert Frost.
Cat's diagonal "seat of the pants" piece also has a nice sense of movement, and a wonderful light and airy quality.
It is a gorgeous summer day here in Haliburton and I am now going out to see what inspiration nature offers me today.

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