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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sunflowers, Cats and Other Memories

I've created a couple of sunflower quilts in my time, and never tire of seeing a field of these flowers, or a sunflower growing near a well-aged wall.

One of my favorite memories of the trip happened the day we thought our GPS had led us to nowhere. We found ourselves driving down a narrow country road, and crossing a dry creek bed. Around the bend we saw the most amazing sight: a "sheep" dog leading a herd of sheep, with a modern-day shepherd following behind in his Toyota! We managed to capture photos and did eventually find our way back to San Gimignano.

We captured photos of cats and dogs wherever we went. Since cats don't travel well, I can be pretty sure these are "real" Tuscan cats. The dogs, on the other hand, mostly belonged to other European tourists.

Of course we have very fond memories of the friendly people and the food:
One of my most memorable meals contained figs stuffed with soft sweet cheese, on rocket salad.
I really miss the cappucino I had in every village I visited!

Now back to work!

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  1. Loved the cats on your trip! Also the sunflower fields and interesting meals.
    Martha Ginn


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