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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Magazines Do You Read?

What magazines do you like to read and subscribe to? I thought I would share my list of favorite magazines.

1. Professional Artist

I confess that the main reason I subscribe to this magazine is because Creativity Coach, Eric Maisel, writes a column for each issue. At present, in fact, the website features his column from the current issue. In it he discusses the reason why so many artists start projects but don't finish them. Check it out. I think you will find it interesting. I've read many books by Maisel, and studied with him, both on-line and in person. Professional Artist also contains some very useful articles about things like pricing your work, teaching workshops, marketing yourself, etc.

2. Quilting Arts

While I don't subscribe to Quilting Arts, I do usually purchase it from the newstand. I buy it strictly to keep on top of trends, learn about techniques, and read feature articles about particular artists.

3. SAQA Journal

The SAQA Journal comes as part of my SAQA membership. The Journal is a fabulous resource for professional artists and is probably the only really serious magazine out there for those focused on the quilt as fine art and making a career as a quilt or fibre artist.

4. Machine Quilting Unlimited

I subscribe to Machine Quilting Unlimited mainly because I am a teacher of machine quilting, and it helps me keep on top of new trends. I also like the "In the Art Studio" column that appears in each issue. Machine Quilting Unlimited has been very supportive of my work as well. After Kit Robinson spotted my quilt at a show at the Whistler Museum of Art a few years ago, my work was featured on the Jawdropper page, and I was invited to be the "In the Art Studio" artist this past July. As an aside, watch for a blog post coming up that talks about the importance of getting your work out there. None of this would have happened if I didn't send my work out into the world. There is a lot of material in the magazine that is more relevant to long-arm quilters, but not every magazine can be all things to all people.

5. Canadian Quilter

What can I say? I am Canadian, I teach mainly in Canada, and I like to keep up on what is happening on the quilt scene in Canada. The Canadian Quilter comes as part of my membership in the Canadian Quilters Association.

Aside from these I sometimes purchase art magazines that feature the kinds of art I like. I encourage students to look at art in other media and in my Art Quilt Series classes circulate art magazines among the class to encourage students to do the same. I think looking at art in other media helps one develop a more artful eye and helps you become more attuned to good design.

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  1. Interesting...I will check out "Professional Artist" -- or at least the website! And I really enjoy the SAQA "Journal" as part of my SAQA membership, too. I used to belong to the CQA, but frankly, gave it up years ago. Too many politics! :-) I currently subscribe to QA on line (i.e., digital edition) but not sure if I'm going to renew in 2012; I will, however, pick it up from time to time if an issue 'speaks' to me. And as for MQU...I really enjoyed the sample issue I got in my SAQA Conference goodie bag in May, and since then bought the issue with your article in it, which has also been fun. However, as it is expensive and I do a lot of handwork in my pieces, I'll stick to buying an issue here and there online. My latest "magazine" has actually been a subscription to The Quilt Show, which I am enjoying far more than I thought I would. I got in on a special offer, which included credit for 3 additional free episodes, so I was able to stock up on ones featuring wonderful art quilters, such as Katie PM, Yvonne Porcella, Libby Lehman and Virginia Avery. You might want to check that out! :-)


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