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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Home from Yellowknife

I guess you got the impression that I loved Yellowknife and the North? Yes I did, and I haven't finished blogging about it yet. I left Monday during a minor blizzard, flying over Calgary (where I saw no snow on the ground), and home to snowy Ottawa. This is what the situation looks like at my little abode in the suburbs
The window upstairs on the right is my little studio, so I have a good amount of light, a view of the street and the maple tree when it turns golden in autumn.

I taught my Reflections class over two evenings, and then Saturday and Sunday was devoted to my intermediate and advanced free-motion quilting classes, Beyond Stippling, Part 1 and Beyond Stippling, Part 2. You can see the class at work here. Deanna, in the green sweater, is well on her way with her free-motion work. She is one of the young quilters, not too far in age from where I was when I began. Deanna just sent me the loveliest message on Facebook. She said that I was her most inspirational instructor so far. Isn't that nice?
Arlene, below, flew all the way from Inuvik to participate in the classes.
A group of us went back to Bullocks Bistro on Saturday night, and the place was packed. I tried the Arctic Char this time, and it was fabulous. It is very similar to salmon in appearance, but in taste it is much better, and it was about as fresh as it could get.

Of course if I meet any fabulous felines on my teaching trips, they always get featured on my blog. On my last night, Donna and Ray invited me down to their apartment for dinner, so I got to meet their two cats, Mulder and Eddie.

This lovely calico is Mulder. She once lived with her littermate Scully, who has now passed on.
After Scully passed on, Eddie came to live with Donna, Ray and Mulder. What an entertainer he is! He scuttled about, jumped on things, and hung upsidedown from the bathroom faucet to put on a show for me.

I'm teaching two classes locally tomorrow and Saturday. I'm also still unpacking but at the same time repacking since I'll be leaving for St. John's, Newfoundland in a week.


  1. This is great Elaine! I will bet you made a huge, lasting impression . What a grand opportunity for those quilters! Love the kitties! I thought we were the only people who gave cats crazy names. Guess it is an universal trait:-) Your beasties must be very happy to have you home. We all are but we wish you very well for next week in Newfoundland. Enjoy. Hope the weather cooperates.

  2. Thanks for the great cat pictures; I know I can count on you! Loved the Mulder and Scully names! I was taken by the beautiful poppy quilt on the wall in the classroom, so I located it on your website--wow! it's really magnificent. Congratulations.....Martha Ginn


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